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Zend Framework

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PHP Object Oriented Programming
  PHP5 Objects
  Class Inheritance
  Autoloading Classes
  Constructors and Destructors
  The static keyword
  Abstract Classesd
  Object Interfaces
  Class Members

Try & Catch Exception handling
  Handling PHP Exceptions
  Using Try & Catch blocks
  The Exception Object
  Generating Custom Exceptions

Introduction to PHP Design Patterns
  About Design Patterns
  The Factory Pattern
  The Singleton Pattern
  The Observer Pattern
  The Chain of command Pattern
  Strategy Pattern

Zend Framework
  Model View Controller (MVC) Basics
  MVC in Zend Framework
  Working with views and forms
  Accessing database with DBAL of Zend Component
  Request object - Life Cycle -Events
  Bootstrap creation, application.ini creation - Configruations
  Modules - Routing a request to a module
  Authorization and Authentication
  Plugins, Action Helpers and View Helpers
  Decorators, Validators
  Error and Exception Management
  Working with Web Services using Zend framework Components
  Sample Project
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