Tableau Online Training

tableau online training

Tableau Online Training

Course Name : Tableau Online Training

Faculty: Certified tableau training

way2onlinetraining offers Tableau Online Training for students, developers and Analysers. Tableau course designed in the format that meets your flexibility. Tableau online training will help you to become certified Tableau professional.

Highlights of Online Tableau Training:

In-depth Tableau curriculum: covers Calculated fields, Formatting, Sharing work books, Advanced Mapping, Building Better Dashboard, Tableau server.
Free 24x7x365 access: Take Tableau online training course anytime, from anywhere in the world. Enrich your skills.
Certified as Tableau expert: Apply your newly acquired skill into practice. Add value to your present and future employers.
Method : Online Training, Corporate Training

Tableau online Training in Hyderabad

Introduction and Overview:

What is tableau?
level set example
how to visualize something into reality
what is tableau server
tableau community

Getting Started:

Connecting Data and introduction to data source concepts
difference between database and file system
How to Understanding the Tableau workspace
Measures and Dimensions
Tour of Shelves
Building Basic Views
Samples and Help Menu
How to Saving and Sharing your work

Concepts and Options when Connecting to Data:

Introduction of other connection options
joining multiple tables in a tableau
tableau data blending example
Copy and Paste
create tableau data extract
Reusing and Publishing Data Connections
sharing and Reusing data connections


How to Creating Views
Transparency and Size
working with dates in the tableau
Dual Axis or Multiple Measures
Combo Charts with different mark types
Page Trails
Geographic Map
Scatter Plots
Heat Map
Density Chart
Pie Charts and Bar Charts
Small Multiples
working with aggregate versus disaggregate data in a tableau

Getting Started with Calculated Fields:

Tableau string functions with examples
Basic Arithmetic Calculations
Custom Aggregations
Working with Totals
Logic Statements
Date Math


Options in Formatting for Visualization
Working with Annotations and Labels
Benefits of Titles and Captions
overview of visual literacy activities


Combining dual visualizations into a dashboard
Making your worksheet interactive by using filters and actions
Introduction to Best Practices in Visualization

Sharing Workbooks:

how to use tableau reader
tableau packaged workbook data source
publish to office in tableau server
Publish to PDF
Publish to Sharing and Tableau Server over the Web

Filtering, Sorting & Grouping:

Advanced options for hiding and filtering
Understanding your many options for grouping and ordering your data: Sets, Sort, Bins, meaningGroups
How to Understanding all of these options interrelate

Data Types and Roles:

Dimension versus Measures
list of data types
discrete vs continuous vathe meaning
of pill colors
database joins example
data blending definition
Working with the Data Engine and scheduling extract updates
adding to context tableau
Switching to Direct Connection
Working with Custom SQL
Building meta data via shared Data Source connections

Working with Calculated Data and Statistics:

Review of Basic Calculations
String Manipulation
Date Calculations
Quick Table Calculations
Arithmetic Calculations
Custom Calculated Fields
Custom Aggregations
Conditional and Logic Calculations
conditional filters in tableau
Advanced Table Calculations
how to Understanding Direction and Scope
Calculate Results of Table Calculations
complex calculations in tableau
Difference From Average in tableau
tableau table calculation difference
Index to Ratios
Hoe to Understanding where Calculations Occur
Reference or Trend Lines
Statistical Calculations in tableau
Summary Stats
Continuous versus Discrete Dates
Working with Dates and Times
Reference Dates
Dates and Times

Advanced Mapping:

Introduction to Fundamentals Building basic maps
Fixing geographies
career fields in geography
Built in Demographics
WMS working with a Web Map Service
tableau custom polygon map
Assigning Geographies to Non Geographic fields
Distance Calculations in tableau
Spatially Visualizing non Geographic Data using background images

Working with Parameters:

parameter estimation basics
Data types of parameters in tableau
tableau calculated field based on filter
Inputting parameter control options and parameter values
benifits Usage of Parameters
Using parameters for logic statements, field selections, titles, Top X

Building Advanced Chart Types and Visualizations / Tips & Tricks:

Custom Shapes
Box Plot
Bar in Bar
Bullet Chart
Gantt Chart
Heat Map
KPI Chart
Pareto Chart
Spark Line

Best Practices in Formatting and Visualizing:
document formatting guidelines
drag queen legends
Edit Legend
Working with Nulls in Tableau
Display Options and Annotations
overview of Visualization Best Practices

Building Better Dashboards:

interactive dashboards in tableau
types of filters in tableau
dashboard objects in tableau
filter actions in tableau
tableau highlight action color
how to Publish to Web
Cascading Filters
Guided Analytics
Quick filter Options
Self Populating Dashboards
URL Actions

Tableau Server:

Describe functionality provided by Tableau Server and extends the power of Tableau
Describe how Tableau Server fits into the Tableau Product Suite and how the various products interact
Reasons for choosing Tableau Server
Describe the functions of the components of Tableau Server
Describe the levels of security in Tableau Server
Manage groups,permissions, users, and sites in Tableau Server
Describe content structures within Tableau Server
Use the Tabadmin command line utility