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MSBI online training

MSBI online training

Course Name : MSBI online training

Faculty : Certified Microsoft BI trainer

way2onlinetraining provide MSBI online training for the students who are like to start their career in Microsoft BI. MSBI online training course designed as per the student flexibility and convenience time. MSBI training will helpful to become professional Microsoft BI developer. we offer MSBI online training by real time experts.

Highlights of Microsoft BI

In-Depth MSBI online training curriculum: SSIS, Analysis Service SSAS, Reporting Services SSRS, SQL Server 2008 R2 for Developers.

24x7x365 access Available: Take MSBI online training (Microsoft BI) course from anywhere in the world to enrich your knowledge.

Certified as Microsoft BI expert:  Apply your theoretical subject into practice. start your career as Microsoft BI Developer.

MSBI Online training in Hyderabad

Introduction to Data Flow:

data flow diagram example
types of data sources
Data targets
data flow transformations
Data Viewers

Data Sources:
XML Source
Excel Source
Flat File Source
OLE DB Source

Data Flow Transformations:

Aggregate Transformation
Audit Transformation
Character Map Transformation
Conditional Split Transformation
Copy Column Transformation
Derived Column Transformation
Data Conversion Transformation
Dualcast Transformation
ole DB command update example
Percentage Sampling Transformation
Row Count Transformation
Sort Transformation
Union All Transformation

Advanced Data Flow:

lookup transformation ssis
merge join transformation in SSIS
ssis slowly changing dimension performance
Unpivot Transformation
Import Transformation
Export Transformation
Pivot Transformation

Data Flow Destinations:

how to read data from DataReader destination in ssis
excel destination in ssis example
SSIS flat file destination create file
ole DB destination update

Introduction to Control Flow:

control flow diagram example
Precedence constraints meaning
Execute SQL task in ssis with parameter
bulk insert task in SQL server
File system task ssis move file example
The Send Mail Task
Data Flow Task
The FTP Task
Bulk Insert Task
DTS package in SQL server 2008 r2
Execute Package Task
Execute Process Task
web service task in SSIS with the example
XML Task

Advanced Control Flow:

For Loop Container
For Each Loop Container
ssis sequence container data flow task
Variables and Configurations:

Introduction to variables
lifetime of a variable
ssis system variables event handler
Using variables in control flow
ssis use variable in data flow task
parent package variable in ssis example
expression in ssis example
Introduction to configuration
Sql server configuration settings
configuration management example

Logging, Error Handling and Debugging:

SSIS debugging Introduction
checkpoint in ssis example
event handlers in ssis 2012 with the example
data flow task error handling ssis
Configuring Package Logging
Built-in log providers

Extending SSIS through Custom Code – Scripting:

Introduction to SSIS scripting
SSIS script task variable
what are the different types of variables in SSIS?
Script in Data flow: The Script Component
Script in Control flow: The Script Task
SSIS custom component example

SSIS Package Deployment:

deployment configuration server 2012
Deployment options
The deployment utility
Deployment security
Executing packages – DTExec and DTExecUI

SSIS Package Management:

The SSIS Service
Managing packages with DTUtil
How to edit SSIS package
how to schedule SSIS package in SQL server agent

SQL Server 2008R2 Analysis Services:

What Is Microsoft Business Intelligence?

business intelligence definition
Understanding the UDM
how to create the cube in ssas with the example
viewing a cube using excel
SSRS cube parameters
Understanding BIDS
Using SSAS in BIDS
Creating Data Sources
data source view in ssas
cube creator
Refining Dimensions and Measures

Intermediate SSAS:

Creating KPIs
Creating Actions
Creating Translations
Creating Perspectives
Advanced SSAS
slowly changing dimensions ssis
Working with Multiple Fact Tables
slowly changing dimensions in SSIS
Using the Business Intelligence Wizard

Cube Storage and Aggregation:

molap rolap holap
Customized Aggregations
Advanced Storage: ROLAP, HOLAP, MOLAP
what is proactive caching
ssas cube partition
Dimensions and Cube Processing Options

Beginning MDX:

MDX query builder
About Sets, mdxTuples,and MembeMDX
functions with examples in ssas
Updated or New MDX Functions or Keywords

Intermediate MDX:

Understanding the Calculations Sub tab
adding calculated member to cube
Adding Named Sets

SSAS Administration:

ssas cube security and roles
Implementing XMLA Scripts
Understanding SSAS Backup and Restore
Understanding Performance Optimization

Introduction to SSAS Clients:

excel 2007 pivot tables using
Using SQL Server Reporting Services

SQL Server 2008R2 Reporting Services:

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Architecture:

Report formats and types
SSRS Web Services
Model Designer
Report Builder
Report Server
Data sources: SQL Server ,OLE DB Oracle

Authoring Reports:

Creating basic reports:

Constructing Data sets and data sources
Inserting images, fields and data region
Leveraging expressions:

Calculating fields
Applying conditional formatting
Integrating expressions in properties
Adding images

Grouping and sorting data:

Grouping to multiple levels
Employing aggregate functions
Implementing Parameters and Filters
Sorting the results

Building parameters into reports:

retrieve data from fire base
Mapping report parameters to query parameters
what is cascading parameters
execute stored procedure with multiple parameters
Exploiting multivalve parameters
Restricting report data with filters:

Enhancing performance with filters
query parameters vs Filters
localisation database design
Leveraging Advanced Reporting Features:

Combining data regions in one report:

Sequential and nested regions Utilizing
master/detail reports Producing
Sub linking reports

Presenting data with appropriate detail:

drill down report Provoiding
Related data Displaying with drill through
Navigating with document maps

Deploying and Delivering Reports:

Deploying reports to the server:
publishing reports Preparing
project Configuring properties settings
Units of deployment: projects, Individual reports ,data sources ,solutions
reporting services configuration manager 2012

Securing Reporting Services:

Securing the RS environment:
moodle assign teacher role
ssrs report manager permissions
grant syntax in sql

Creating reports with Report Builder:

ssrs report deployment step by step
droppgin and Dragging entities onto charts & tabular reports
Navigating data with infinite drill through

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